Details of Examination Fees


1.B.A/B.Sc/B.Com Degree

a. Examination fee - Per paper  

First appearance and supplementary appearances

(ii) For improvement appearance during the course
    or after completion of the course
(iii) Marklist Fee Rs.10/-
b. Centralized valuation camp Fee  
(i) For first appearance candidates Rs.100/-
(ii) For supplementary/improvement
      Candidates (irrespective of whether
      appearing for the exam during the
    Course or after completion of the course.
Rs.20/- per paper
    (subject to a maximum of Rs.100/-)

Bachelor or Business Administration (B.B.A)

a Each theory paper Rs.75/-
b Marklist fee Rs.10/-
c Centralised valuation camp fee  
  (i) For first appearance candidates Rs.100/-
  (ii) For supplementary/improvement candidates Rs.20/-per paper

Bachelor of Multimedia Communication (BMMC)

a Registration Rs.200/-
b Each theory paper Rs.250/-
c Each practical Rs.500/-
d Each Project Rs.750/-
e Centralised valuation Camp Fee Rs.100/-
f Marklist Fee 25/-

Bachelor of Interior Design (BID)

1 Theory 100/- per paper
2 Practical 250 per paper
3 Project 300/-
4 Viva voce 50/-
5 CV Camp fee 100/-
6 Marklist fee 25/-

M.A/M.Sc./M.Com (Non-Semester Courses)

a Examination fee-per paper  
  (i) For first appearance and supplementary appearances Rs.20/-
  (ii) For improvement appearance during the course or
    after completion of the course
b Viva Voce Rs.50/-
c Marklist fee Rs.10/-
d Centralized valuation camp fee Rs.100/-
  (for first appearance/subsequent appearances
    irrespective of the number of papers appearing for)

M.A/M.Sc/M.Com (Semester Courses)

a. Each theory paper  
(i) For first appearance and supplementary appearances Rs.50/-
(ii) For improvement appearance Rs.100/-
b. Viva Voce Rs.50/-
c. Marklist fee Rs.10/-
d. Centralized Valuation camp fee Rs.100/-
  (for first appearance/subsequent appearances
    irrespective of the number of papers appearing for)
e. Project Report/Dissertation evaluvation Rs.50/-
Fee for Original Degree Certificate (including postal charge)
a. Bachelor’s Degree Courses (Non - professional) Rs.125/-+Rs.50/-
b. Bachelor’s Degree Courses (professional) Rs.160/-+Rs.50/-
c. Post graduate Degree Courses Rs.175/-+Rs.50/-
Fee for Provisional Certificate  
i) Graduate Courses Rs.40/-
ii) Post Graduate Courses Rs.65/-
  Special fee for obtaining Degree Certificate urgently R.250/-
    (in addition to the normal fees)
Fee for other Certificates and Marklists
a. Rank Certificate Rs.125/-
b. Migration Certificate Rs.65/-
c. Duplicate Marklist (for each marklist) Rs.250/-
Fee for other services of the University.
1. Matriculation Fee Rs.65/-
2. Re-matriculation Fee Rs.125/-
3. Recognition Fee Rs.65/-
4. Re-valuation of answer papers (per paper) Rs.250/-
5. Scrutiny of answer papers Rs.30/-per paper
6. Fee for optional change Rs.1250/-
7. Fee for cancelling the registration/examination/
    Part III degree subject
Rs. 1250/-
8. Consolidated marklist for courses Rs.1550/-
9. Special late fee for applying for examinations
      after the normal fine date and upto 20 days
    prior to the commencement of examinations
10. Token registration for examination
      (+Examination fee +late fee + super fine)
    Fee for SDE admission
1. cost of application Rs.200/-
2. Admission fee Rs.250/-
3. Tuition fee [For details of tuition fee for various courses refer appendix]  
4. Spot admission Rs.50/-
Re-admission [Discountinued candidates]
1. Readmission fee Rs.500/-
2. Readmission after 5years of Registration Rs.1000/-
Late application
1. Fine Rs.100/-
2. Superfine Rs.750/-
  [The last date for receiving the application in the SDE without fine, the last date with fine /     superfine will be published in the admission notification]
P.G.Diploma in Foreign Trade
  Registration Fee Rs 1000/-
  Examination Fee Rs.200/-per paper
  Cost of Application Rs.Rs.100/-
Diploma in Hotel Management
  Examination Fee  
  Theory Rs.100/- per paper
  Practical Rs.150/-per practical
  Evaluation /Training /Project report Rs.300/-
  Viva voce Rs.100/-
  C.V.Camp Fee Rs.100/- per     semester
Diploma in Gemmology
  Theory paper 150/-
  Practical 300/-
  Project 500/-
Tuition fee, Examination fee and other fees applicable to the candidates
    of OVERSEAS centres
The fees shall be remitted by D.D, drawn in favor of the Finance Officer, University
    of Calicut, payable at SBT, Calicut University Branch (code 200).
No. Course/Purpose Fees in US $
1. Admission Fee per Candidate for Ist year $ 10
2. I B.A/B.Sc/B.Com - Tuition fee $200
3. II/III B.A/B.Sc/B.Com $200
4. Re-admission to II/III year
$200 + Admn. Fee $10
5. Re-admission fee for discontinued gulf candidates
    (2 to 5 years after registration)
$25 + Course Fee $200
6. Re-admission fee for discontinued
    Candidates after 5 years
$50 + Course Fee $200
7. I M.A/M.Sc $ 275
8. II M.A/M.Sc $275
9. Re-admission to II year M.A/M.Sc $275 + Admn. fee $10
  II M.Com $300+Admn. fee $10
10. I BBA (inclusive of exam fee $300
11. II/III BBA (inclusive of exam fee) $300
12. Re-admission to II/III BBA
    (inclusive of exam fee)
$300 + Admn. Fee $10
13. I M.Com $300+ Admn. Fee $10
  II M.Com $300
Examination Fee and Others
14. All I/II/III year Degree and PG examinations $ 80 per year
    (For the whole exam)
  (First appearance, including first appearance at overseas
    centres for supplementary /Improvement exams)
15. Improvement/supplementary (All courses
    Except BBA)
$5 per paper
16. BBA Improvement/Supplementary $15 per paper
17. Revaluation/Scrutiny of answer papers
    (All Courses)
$10 per paper
18. Recognition $10
19. Matriculation $10
20. Provisional Certificate (Degree/PG) $5
21. Original Certificate (Degree/PG) $15
22. Change of exam centres to overseas $50
23. Discontinuation of Private Registration $5
24. Cancellation of examinations $10
25. Optional change $5
26. Open Entrance Exam fee $110
27. Late fee for tuition fee and Exam fee $50
University of calicut